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We love creating … together!

From day one, we knew that "creating" was not something we wanted to do alone. We believe in community. We believe in collaboration. We each come with our own set of experiences, strengths, and unique points of view, focused on the same goal: to tell stories that matter.

Let's create something beautiful together.


Meet the Crew


Our Mission

Though a commercial company, our origins lay in our heart to help children at risk. Back in 2007, founders Kolby and Jay traveled to an orphanage in Thailand to help them tell their story and spread their message. Soon after that, ARIA Studios was born.

Many clients and friends caught the heart of that vision and expressed their desire to contribute in some way. In 2013, we launched ARIA Children's Fund.


A portion of every wedding and commercial contract goes to support our efforts. For more information and how to get involved, please visit our website.