Kolby Moser

IG: @kolbymoser

Kolby and Jay founded ARIA Studios in 2008 with the intention of telling stories that truly matter. She has since assembled the best team of artists and friends that make up ARIA Studios and ARIA Children's Fund. 


3 random facts about Kolby:  

1. I used to be a Radio DJ. My on-air name was "Kolby Kai"

2. I love ketchup on everything. 

3. My name was supposed to be "Hayley" after my dad "Hayden Lee" but dad picked "Kolby" instead... so I got to use that name for my first daughter (and his first grandchild).

Hometown and High School: Pahala, Ka'u High School

When you're not working, you are: Hitting the farmers markets with my girls, dirt biking or surfing with my hubby Peter.

What you love about ARIA Studios:  Getting to tell stories that inspire people, touch hearts, and changes lives... and helping my team do the same.

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