IG: none! say it ain't so!

Sharon joined ARIA Studios in 2015 and takes care of all of the (super fun) studio operations. Organizer, bill payer, planner, our rock and mama bear to the team... we don't know what we'd do without her. 


3 random facts about Sharon:  

- I like (watching) football (Go Seahawks!) and basketball (Go Celtics!).  

- I love M&Ms (the brown ones).

- I still play video games (with or without my son:))

Top 3 life experiences so far:

- Traveling to the Philippines with ARIA Children's Fund to help children and their families.  

- Having a child and being a mom to my son, Jaron (6).  

- Marriage... we are going on 10 years and I've learned (still learning) so many valuable lessons about life and myself.

Hometown and High School: Waipahu/Waipahu 

When you're not working, you are: with my family out and about or at home just relaxing.

What you love about ARIA Studios:

The crew of course! I'm also not a creative person at all, so it's so cool to be around talented creatives and see the stories they create through video and photo.