jay kaneshige

IG: none! what? =)

Kolby and Jay founded ARIA Studios in 2008 with the intention of telling stories that truly matter. Jay continues to pave the way for the future of ARIA Studios as well as lead the team and operations of ARIA Children's Fund.


3 random facts about Jay:  

1. I lived next door to Jack Lord growing up (Hawaii 5-0 v. 1.0).

2. I couldn’t wait to finish school and start working beginning the first day at preschool when I cried behind the banyan tree on the playground when mom dropped me off (yes, preschool).

3. I always buy too many books to read in the time I have to read them.

Top 3 life experiences so far:  Celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary, having kids, meeting people across the world who sacrifice so much to help children in need or in danger.

Hometown and High School: Honolulu, Punahou

When you're not working, you are: Hanging with my family

What you love about ARIA Studios:  The crew