Holly cuaresma

IG: @hollycuaresma

Holly joined ARIA Studios as a second photo shooter back in 2011. Today, she is our rockstar Photo Lead and loves shooting Analogue Film. She is the sweetest person who ever lived (says our clients, the entire crew, and anyone who meets her)!


3 random facts about you:

1. I LOVE spicy food!

2. I started shooting film when I was 14.

3. I met my husband dancing on the UH dance team. 

Top 3 life experiences so far: Moving to Hawaii, getting married, adopting our puppy Piko.

Hometown and High School: Renton, WA, Kentridge High School 

When you're not working, you are: Binge watching shows with my husband + puppy!

What you love about ARIA Studios: I love being able to be a part of a company that cares about our community and works hard to make a positive change in the world. I also love being able to do what I love for a living!