IG: @jessbaughman

Jess has been a part of ARIA Studios since 2010 and there is nothing Jess can't do! She developed a deep passion for creating an exceptional experience for our clients but found her calling when she picked up a camera! You'll likely catch Jess on email, leading our photo team or maybe even helping out with cinema if you're lucky =).


3 random facts about you:

1. I get hiccups everyday

2. I'm obsessed with dogs. If there is going to be a dog at your wedding, I'm going to be very excited. 

3. My favorite things to eat are ramen and acai bowls.

Top 3 life experiences so far:

Skydiving, Visiting Iceland, #JulyFearProject

Hometown and College:  Kapolei, HI // Corban University

When you're not working, you are: Hiking or hanging out with friends.

What you love about ARIA Studios: I love our team! Work is so much fun when your coworkers are your friends.