Fun Guest Book Idea!


I love the wedding industry! I feel so blessed that I have been able to be apart of so many couple’s special days over these last 10 years. The thought that so many people have pictures framed in their homes of images that I or my team have taken totally humbles me. I’ve seen so many fun traditions and ideas play out during all these amazing weddings but at Megan and Will’s wedding I saw a new tradition that I hadn’t seen before and it was AWESOME!! Instead of a traditional guest book, Megan and Will chose to use a cookbook for their guests to sign. What a great idea!! Megan did confess to me that they hadn’t come up with the idea but had seen it at a friend’s wedding on the mainland but this was the first time I had seen it at one of our weddings. Cooking together with your significant other or with your kids is such a great way to bring the family together.  When I think about Megan and Will’s future family, I can just imagine them busting out their guest book cookbook years from now and allowing that to bring up some fun wedding memories to share with each other or with their families. 

Please enjoy these photos from their Loulu Palm wedding day. They busted out all kinds of tropical vibes for their wedding guests!