Raelee + Ryan Engagement


I met Raelee and Ryan a while back when they first inquired and quickly fell in love with them and their golden retriever, Juniper. When we were deciding on a place to take their engagement pictures, we settled on Sherwood Forest at sunrise because it was a great mix of beach and forest which would bring a lot of variety to the shoot. Raelee and Ryan asked if they could bring Juniper to the shoot which is like asking if I want dessert after dinner. The answer is always yes! 

Since I knew they were bringing their dog I thought, "How cute would it be if Juniper had a little flower collar." I had a bunch of leftover flower crown supplies from a bridal shower I had just planned so I made a trip to Watanabe Floral and picked up some flowers before the shoot and did my best to make this puppy her own little flower collar. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. 

I love when couples bring their dogs to shoots and weddings.  These fur-babies of theirs really do a good job of bringing out genuine emotions from our clients and they just brighten the moods of everyone. I had such a fun time running around the beach with these three and now I'm just counting the days until I get to shoot their wedding at Loulu Palm with the cutest flower girl around, Juniper. 

Holly LarsonComment