Iranon Family


Attention everyone; this family is AMAZING! So full of love and such a joy to meet and to photograph. 

Kainoa and Danielle are the Senior Pastors of Hawaii's Church of Aloha ( and in December of 2012 a friend and church member desperately needed a heart transplant. She was flown to Stanford Hospital in California and while waiting for a new heart she passed away leaving behind her 4 children. 

Kainoa and Danielle tried to make arrangements for the children and really didn't want them to be separated into foster homes. As it was, there was nobody, fit or able to take them. So, after prayerful consideration they took a huge leap of faith and took them in. It was a hard transition, not to mention that less then two weeks before their mom passed, Danielle gave birth to their 2nd son. So, they went into 2013 with 5 new kids! Now in 2015 they have another new baby and soon to be daughter-in-law; a family of 9! 

From Kainoa "These kids have grown so much in every way! Danielle and I can’t imagine life and family without them. They grew up not knowing many things like, how to wash dishes, sweep, or receive discipline. They had so much to work through. In the past few years we’ve seen how the Lord has helped them heal and brought them joy. We couldn't be more proud of these kindhearted, AMAZING kids. Yay Jesus! I've learned that the love of a Mother and Father is very powerful, it doesn’t have to be perfect but it has to be real. There's just something about family that can heal broken hearts and transform a way of thinking. We are thankful that Father God, is the perfect example of love and what a Father looks like.”

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